Black Porsche Taycan 4s Reviews – This Porsche Is Truly Special!

Porsche offers the Taycan as a sedan and a wagon (called Cross Turismo). All trims have dual electric motors, an all-wheel drive, and a 93-kWh battery.

The Taycan is available in 18 colors: White, Black, Carrara White, Neptune Blue, Jet Black Metallic, Carmine Red, Crayon, Dolomite Silver Metallic, Frozen Berry Metallic, Gentian Blue, Coffee Beige Metallic, and Cherry Metallic.

Most Famous Features Of Black Taycan 4s

The black Taycan 4s is the latest in Porsche’s line of electric cars. It boasts a number of impressive features, from an 800-volt charging system to a 10.9-inch infotainment display.

Black Taycan 4s Reviews

It also has a curved instrument cluster focusing on the driver’s axis. It indicates how the company’s design and engineering teams are taking full advantage of its rear-wheel-drive layout to deliver an unmistakable look and feel to its new electric sports car.

As with all Porsche’s EV models, the Taycan 4S has many technological tricks. The 10.9-inch touchscreen is the big one, offering access to navigation, climate controls, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Best Electric Car

The Taycan 4S is an electric car that’s both a pleasure to drive and a great value. Recently, a British publication named it the best electric car in the world.It’s quick, agile, enjoyable to drive, and has plenty of range. It’s also easy to live with.

Porsche has a reputation for producing world-class luxury cars that offer thrilling driving experiences. This all-electric Model continues that tradition.

The Taycan comes in a range of trims including Base, 4S, GTS, and Turbo. Each has a different output of power, depending on the battery size. The 79kWh battery is standard, but the 93-kWh Performance Battery Plus adds a small amount of extra juice.

Fastest Electric Car

If you’re looking for a quick and fun electric car, the Porsche Taycan is your best bet. It has been designed by the company responsible for creating the 911, and it comes in various trims to suit every taste and budget.

Black Taycan 4s Specs

Originally shown as the Mission E concept, the Taycan has a total system voltage of 800V and a max output of 750 horsepower. It also has a range of 276 miles and a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds.

The base Taycan only comes as a rear-wheel-drive sedan, but you can also upgrade to a Cross Turismo version that features dual electric motors and an even bigger 93kWh battery. With the launch control activated, this ModelModel delivers up to 401 horsepower and can reach 155 MPH.

Most Comfortable Electric Car

The Taycan Turbo is a fantastic electric car to drive. It offers ferocious acceleration, sports car-like responses, and powerful brakes that let you vault out corners with unrivaled precision.

It’s also very comfortable, thanks to a well-padded interior that makes the most of the Taycan’s weight. The ride is smooth and quiet even when you roll it on 21-inch wheels with low-profile tires.

Black Taycan 4s Interior

Inside, the driver and front passenger enjoy 18-way seats covered in a wide variety of leather and Race-Tex combinations. You can also choose a GTS interior package with accent stitching in either Chalk (grey) or Carmine Red.

Most Fuel-Efficient Electric Car

Porsche’s electric car has a 79-kWh battery slung between the rear axles and comes in three variants: the normal Taycan, Taycan 4S with all-wheel drive, and the Taycan Turbo. Each of these vehicles can be upgraded to a larger 93.2-kWh battery for a small extra cost.

Even though Porsche hasn’t done much to increase efficiency in its Taycan, the EPA-rated range of 202 miles is still good. It’s far better than the range of a lot of other EVs. Check out the huge inventory of taycan 4s new

But the real test of an EV’s efficiency is how it drives in the real world, and AMICI’s test shows that the Taycan gets a better range than the EPA-rated figure.The Taycan can charge from 5% to 80% in about 23 minutes at 350-kW DC fast chargers and can take up to 150 kW of power on 400-volt chargers. 

Electrify America stations are plentiful around the country and provide the first 30 minutes of each visit at no charge, so it’s a great way to extend your driving range.

Best Performance Electric Car

Porsche’s EV is one of the most exciting in its class. It has a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds, a top speed of 258 mph, and is available in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive models.

It also offers many options and has a wide range of trim levels. There’s a base model with a 79-kWh battery, and you can upgrade to a 93-kWh Performance Battery Plus.

It can do about 227 miles on a single charge, suitable for an electric car. That’s not as far as a Tesla Model S’s 405 miles, but it’s plenty for most trips.

Best Design Electric Car

The best electric cars often have the most impressive features, but they must also look the part. With the industry undergoing a sea change, carmakers have had to step up their game when designing some of the most visually striking electric vehicles on the market.

The Mercedes EQS is an excellent example of the latest tech and design rolled into one. With a vast triple-display Hyperscreen dash, up to 62.5 cubic feet of trunk space, and some seriously comfortable seats, the EQS is one of the most luxurious electric cars. Its performance is also impressive, boasting a range of over 350 miles EPA-rated.

Best Interior Electric Car

Black Taycan 4s Price

The Taycan is one of the most distinctive electric cars on the market, thanks to its sleek exterior, subtle air intake, and laser-like brake light. It also boasts a very comfortable interior, which makes it a perfect motorway cruiser.

The entry-level rear-wheel-drive Taycan feels like a sports car with its air suspension and generous front seats. The rear seat isn’t quite as comfy, so you should upgrade for better lateral support.

The base Taycan comes with a 79-kWh battery that offers an official combined range of 276 miles. A larger 93-kWh Performance Battery Plus extends that to 314 miles.

A recent review from The Sun claims that the Porsche Taycan 4S is “the best electric car in the world.” It’s hard to argue with this statement, especially when many professional reviews back it up.

Best Technology Electric Car

One thing that sets a Taycan apart from other electric cars is its handling, which is praised for being low-slung, precise, and comfortable. Even rolling on 21-inch wheels with low-profile tires, the Taycan feels light and composed.

There’s also a lot of technology packed into the Taycan, from a fully digital curved display to advanced connectivity features. You’ll be able to connect your phone via wireless Android Auto, and the charging algorithm has been updated so that your battery can be preconditioned for faster charging.

Best Price Electric Car

Porsche is one of many companies to make an electric car, but it knows how to do it right. That’s why Porsche’s Taycan stands out above the rest.

Black Taycan 4s Performance

Unlike many other EVs, the Porsche offers excellent value and a wide range of customizable options. For example, you can add a Performance Battery Plus package to the base rear-wheel-drive Taycan for a boost in power and a range of 208 miles.

The Taycan is also more fuel-efficient than the average EV. While it doesn’t have the same range as the ModelModel S long-range, its average EPA rating of 41 kWh/100 km is still quite good compared to some rivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Best Electric Car?

A: The Porsche Taycan is one of the best electric cars on the market, with outstanding performance, comfort, and technology. It has a range of up to 314 miles and offers plenty of options for customization.

Q: How Far Can An Electric Car Go On A Single Charge?

A: This depends on the battery size, but most electric cars can travel 200-400 miles on a single charge. For example, the Tesla Model S can go up to 405 miles on a full charge.

Q: What Is The Best Price For An Electric Car?

A: The Porsche Taycan is one of the most affordable electric cars, with the base model starting at around $79k. It also offers excellent value and a wide range of customized options.

Q: Is An Electric Car Better Than A Gas Car?

A: Electric cars are generally more efficient, cheaper to maintain, and better for the environment than petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. They also offer a smoother, quieter ride and can be charged at home. However, electric cars may only sometimes be the best option for longer trips as they have a shorter range than petrol or diesel cars.


The Porsche Taycan is an excellent choice for those looking for an electric car. It offers style and performance, with plenty of features to keep you comfortable and connected. Its long-range and affordable price make it one of the most desirable EVs today. 

The Taycan will offer an unforgettable driving experience with its advanced technology and modern design. Whether looking for a stylish daily driver or the perfect weekend car, the Taycan has something to offer everyone. 

With its reliable range and affordable price, it’s no wonder why so many people are switching to electric vehicles and choosing the Porsche Taycan as their first choice!

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